Happy World Thinking Day!

22 February 2014

We are so excited to be sharing another World Thinking Day with all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Today we will be celebrating our global sisterhood - join us online using #WTD2014 and share your pictures and stories of your celebrations!

We have so many things happening on this World Thinking Day that don't know where to begin! Here are a few of our highlighted activities:

Activity Packs!

The activity pack this year is centred around the World Thinking Day 2014 theme - Millennium Development Goal 2: achieve universal primary education. Download your activity packs to earn your badge!

MDG 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education

There are still 54 million girls around the world outside of education. This can and must be changed. Learn all about MDG 2 and what you can do to help acheive universal primary education for all.

Be the spark - our new campaign!

WTD chain reaction

If a girl is educated, she is safer, healthier, wealthier and more likely to thrive, as are her family and her community.  It’s a chain reaction.

Our new campaign aims to support one million girls to go on to secondary education. 

With your help, we will be able to:

  1. Support young people to speak out to decision makers about girls’ education
  2. Organize community action projects
  3. Deliver non-formal education to children and young people  
  4. Create a global action starting on 12 August, International Youth Day

You can learn more about the campaign here, and we will keep you updated as the campaign develops on how you can be the spark!

GLOW - Global learning online for WAGGGS!Malaysia Girl Guides - iLead

Our new online learning platform has two great free and open courses you can do for World Thinking Day! One is iLead, which takes WAGGGS' leadership theories and development practices and puts them into one course that is free and open to all. 

We also have a World Thinking Day course which will take you through the history of World Thinking Day and teaches you all about MDG 2 and primary education around the world. 

Prepared to learn, prepared to lead

This World Thinking Day the World Association has produced a brand new handbook on the WAGGGS' method to non-formal education. This resource is aimed at everyone who plays a part in facilitating learning experiences in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. From a local leader who struggles to empower her group to take the lead, to a committee reviewing their National Association’s educational programme, to those of us who develop and deliver global programmes, workshops and trainings. Download the handbook

Global Sisterhood

It is important to remember that World Thinking Day is a day to celebrate Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting around the world. We have so many great spaces for you to be able to share with your sister guides and scouts. View and share activities from around the world on our Activity Log, see what other Guides and Scouts wear in different countries on our Uniforms around the world page, upload your images and greeting cards to our Flickr account, and stay connected with everyone in the movement using #WTD2014 on Facebook and Twitter.

Today is historically a day of giving, and part of that is donating to the World Thinking Day fund. See more about the fund and ways to donate here.

From everyone in the World Association, we would like to say a very big Happy World Thinking Day around the world!