10 things to do for World Thinking Day!

11 February 2014

1. FUNDRAISE! 2014 WTD Donate

World Thinking Day is both Lord Baden-Powell's (the founder of the Scout and Guide movements) and his wife, Olave's, birthdays. In 1932, during the 7th World Conference in Poland, a Belgian delegate pointed out that birthdays usually involve gifts, and therefore everyone should send a gift or donation to the Movement by fundraising or making a donation. Olave then wrote a letter to all Girl Guides that year asking them to spare a penny for the Guiding and Scouting Movement around the world! Donate here. 

2. Learn about the Focus Countries! 

Did you know the first Armenian Scouting groups were organized in 1910 in Van Orphan's houses and continued until 1922 when Scouting was officially banned? Or that the Egyptian Girl Guides programmes are designed to meet the needs of Egyptian girls and to provide service to the country? Learn all about the focus countries here. 

3. Shop the World Thinking Day merchandise!

Get the World Thinking Day 2014 MDG 2 pin! Shop here. 

4. Learn about this years theme, MDG 2: achieve universal primary education. 

2014 WTD Theme

This years theme is based on Millennium Development Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education. Currently, there are more than 100 million children of primary school age are not in school. More than one in four adults in the world cannot read or write. Do some research on MDG2 and learn about the statistics, or see what you can do in the Activity pack or on our World Thinking Day website


5. Earn a World Thinking Day 2014 badge!

Download the activity pack and work your way towards a World Thinking Day 2014 badge. 

6. Upload your uniform and see other uniforms around the world!

You can see uniforms from around the world on our World Thinking Day website. Upload your uniform so that others can see, too! 

7. Tell us or read about activities happening around the world!

Visit our activity log and read about what other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have been up to on World Thinking Day all over the world! While you are there, why not share your World Thinking Day activities? 

See the activity log here. 

WTD 2010 card- Taiwan

8. Create a World Thinking Day greeting card and upload it to our Flickr group! 

Submit a World Thinking Day greeting card to all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. You can see what other groups have sent this year and previous years as well. 

See the Greeting Cards! 


9. Learn about the History of World Thinking Day! 

When was the first World Thinking Day? Where did it begin? Learn all the facts here. 

10. Follow us, share your World Thinking Day activities and spread our message on Facebook and Twitter using #WTD2014!

 We can't wait to hear what everyone else is doing! 

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miss wendy c - 25 February 2014 - 9.29AM (GMT)

thank you so much for the advice ..wishing all the guides & rangers around the world a happy thinking day..!!!!!!

joy - 21 February 2014 - 7.02PM (GMT)


Ann Malling - 12 February 2014 - 7.08AM (GMT)

Thank you for help in planning a Thinking Day meeting in South Africa where I'm on holiday and visiting a Trefoil Guild here.

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