Ghana holds Mega Fun Fiesta 2013

4 February 2014

As part of the Ghana Girl Guides Association’s resource mobilization strGhana Mega Fun Festival 2013ategy, the project committee of the Ghana Girl Guides Association organized a fundraiser entitled “Mega Fun Fiesta”. This fair was aimed at raising funds to support the Association. The funfair was held at the Training Centre of the Ghana Girl Guides Association and it brought children from all over the country to a thrilling and fun-filled experience. Activities at the fair included face painting, bouncy castles, dancing competition, train ride amongst others. Children paid money and were given coupons which they used to take part in all the activities. There was also a session for the children to unearth their talents; they did so through dance, poems, singing songs, etc.

All activities organized at the fair were not only for fun but were also geared towards helping to harness the cause of an effective and improved maternal and child health care system in the country.

Delicious food was no exception at the fair. Jollof rice, fried rice and  waakye were prepared for sale which the children enjoyed greatly. Kebabs, sausages, popcorn, and candyfloss were not left out since children really enjoy these. Sales representatives from Pepsi Cola Ghana Limited attended with some assorted Pepsi products. The fair was indeed a success and it is hoped to be repeated next year to help support the association purchase more chairs, tables and other equipment that are of much need to the Association’s Training Centre.