WAGGGS goes online with a new leadership programme that’s free, easy and open to all…

27 January 2014

After 100 years and 250 million members, Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting takes its leadership programme online

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For more than 100 years Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has transformed the lives of
over 250 million girls and women across 145 countries. From today, the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting leadership experience will be freely available online to anyone over the age of 16. 

i-Lead is our unique, experiential and interactive leadership course, provided through our award winning e-learning platform GLOW (Global learning online through WAGGGS).

The course takes participants through five progressively more challenging modules. Each module contains around seven 20 minute sessions which are self-directed and interactive and which can be done anytime, anywhere. Module 1, i-Discover, explores topics such as cross-cultural communication, emotional intelligence, leadership theory and motivation. Participants are invited to join discussion groups with other students on the course from around the world. Participants don’t have to be Girl Guides or Girl Scouts to take the course and they can sign up at any time.

i-Lead is part of The UPS Foundation and WAGGGS’ commitment to provide leadership opportunities to all. In a recent WAGGGS study among 600 young people worldwide, 70 per cent of respondents thought girls and women face more difficulties than boys and men in reaching positions of leadership where they live. 46 per cent believed that girls and young women are not rewarded in their study and work as equally as boys and young men in similar positions. At the same time, 85 per cent felt that Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting was where they had the most opportunities to learn and demonstrate leadership skills. WAGGGS wants to bring these leadership opportunities to more girls and young women using the latest technologies available.

How do you register?

Enhance your leadership skills for the new year in five easy steps:

  1. Visit www.glow.wagggs.org
  2. Register your details for the i-Lead course
  3. Complete each of the seven 20 minute sessions of Module 1, when and where you want
  4. Join in the international discussion with participants also doing the course
  5. Receive your digital badge and move on to Module 2

Register today!

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