Free Being Me Global training

14 November 2013

From 8 – 10 November 2013, twenty two participants representing ten Member Organizations across three WAGGGS regions and two World Centres gathered together in Pax Lodge, London for a global training event as part of a WAGGGS-Dove Self-Esteem Project collaboration on a new programme for girls, Free Being Me.

The programme aims to increase young people’s body confidence and self-esteem, and reach 3.5 million girls by 2016 through the launch of the Free Being Me curriculum, which will be available to download from the Free Being Me website in January 2014. 

Free Being Me global training

During the three day training participants were led by the Free Being Me Global Trainers Ariana Chamberlain and Katerina Agorogianni. Participants tried and tested activities from the new curriculum, understanding the relevance and importance of body confidence in enabling girls to reach their fullest potential.

Key collaborators in developing the curriculum are research psychologist Dr Phillippa Diedrichs and Dr Carolyn Becker, Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of The Body Project Collaborative. Co-facilitating sessions, they brought their knowledge and expertise to enable participants to understand how this revolutionary programme will have a significant and sustainable impact on the body confidence of a girl.

The event also provided a space for MOs to network, share ideas and discuss best practices, as well as develop a strategy for implementing the project in their Association.

As the event drew to a close everyone left feeling energised and committed to realise the vision of a world free from appearance related anxiety and determined to improve the body confidence and self-esteem of the next generation of women.

Find out more about the event here and learn more about how you can get involved with Free Being Me.

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Madiha Shahzad - 15 November 2013 - 1.48AM (GMT)

How could i join/attend this training?

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