Introducing the WAGGGS delegation for COP 19

18 October 2013

Each year the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC meets to assess progress in dealing with man-made climate change on a global scale and since 2009 WAGGGS has taken a delegation of young women along to the negotiations. At the conference, the girls and young women lobby decision-makers, attend and run side events, network with other NGOs working on the environment and carry out actions to ensure no-one can forget the negative effect climate change is having on our world and all of our lives.

This year’s COP will be the 19th, taking place in Warsaw, Poland, from the 11 – 22 November. It is now fast approaching so WAGGGS is excited to introduce this year’s delegation of knowledgeable and passionate young women from all around the world, covering all five regions.

  • Reem, Maldives
  • Gina, Barbados
  • Kathleen, previous ‘Our Chalet’ volunteer
  • Bushra, Libya
  • Sylvia, Ghana
  • Cecilia, Sweden
  • Magda, Poland 

They will be raising their voices and calling for more young people, especially girls and young women, to be involved in the negotiations. Climate change exacerbates existing inequalities making girls and young women more vulnerable and affected, but also strong agents for change.

WAGGGS is also excited to a ‘remote delegate’ who will be supporting the delegation from home to ensure their message is being heard as far and wide as possible! The remote delegate is Cathrine from Denmark.

The delegates will be uploading profiles about themselves over the next couple of weeks, followed by videos and blogs once they’re in Poland to give you the insider’s scoop from the negotiations! 

But most importantly for you, there will be ways that everyone can get involved.

So keep your eyes and ears open for more information over the coming weeks, from sharing your stories to spreading actions around the world. The delegation can’t wait for your support!