Nigeria advocates on Stop the Violence against girls campaign

21 October 2013

Nigerian Girl Guides Association - Stop the Violence Campaign The Nigerian Girl Guides Association has taken up the challenge to stop all forms of violence against girls.This resolution was made after its participation at the Stop the Violence against girls pilot training for Member Organizations  held at Our Cabaña, Mexico.

According to the United Nations, Violence Against Women could be defined as ‘’Any act of gender based violence that results in, or is likely to result in physical, sexual or psychological  harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life’’.

It is our responsibility as a Member Organization to protect the Girl Guides in our custody from all forms of violence.We have to give our best to assist the girls in our custody to get help where necessary.

Following the training at Our  Cabaña the Nigerian Girl Guides Association embarked on a series of vital activities to ensure a change and total turnaround of violent practices against women. One such example is the production of the Nigerian Girl Guides Association Child Protection policy after a series of meetings and deliberations with the National Training team. Finally, in November 2012, the Draft Child protection policy was produced and submitted at  Nigerian Girl Guides Association Executive Committee and Council meeting, for perusal and amendment. It was finally adopted at the March 2013 Executive committee meeting as the Nigerian Girl Guides Child Protection policy. In April 2013, at Nigerian Girl Guides Association headquarters in Lagos 112 participants from three age groups, younger years, middle years and older years,  attended the pilot training on Stop the Violence against girls. In attendance were the Chief Commissioner,15 trainers and National Commissioners as well as five members of staff.

The pilot training was conducted in three parts:

1. Pre-evaluation of participants, and personal development lectures.

2. Voices against violence curriculum activities, Street Campaign and media interview.

3. Post Evaluation, Award of certificates and closing ceremony.

Nigerian Girl Guides Association - Stop the Violence Campaign Some of the lectures delivered were values, decision-making, sexuality and the law, medical implications of violence, amongst others. The pilot training was a huge success with active participation by all delegates. There was a marked positive difference in participants way of reasoning. It was a celebration of victory of self, a total upliftment  and liberation of self  over conventionality and rigid stereotypes.

Awareness on the provision of Child protection in the Nigerian Child Rights Act as captioned in Nigerian Girl Guides Association child protection policy was a huge relief and confidence booster. It was indeed a day of witnessing multiple rebirths, made possible by the provision of WAGGGS voices against violence curriculum. Participants felt fulfilled and very happy to be associated with this advocacy and salute WAGGGS’ courage in being at the forefront of this campaign, we are indeed the voice of girls and young women.