Fun of the Sangam Cup gets our hearts racing!

12 October 2013

The word says FUN, which perfectly describes the Sangam Cup - a virtual game and challenge that brings together teams from all over the world as a part of the Sangam 47th Birthday Celebration.

Today on the 12th October 2013, teams from all over the world are gathering to join the second Sangam Cup.

Within three hours all teams will be tested in knowledge of Sangam and other World Centers. This mixture of challenges and tasks will offer a winner an exclusive prize of Sangam's event scholarship.

Sangam cup rush   Sangam cup elephant
Sangam cup Warli art   Sangam cup team

Curious what participants need to go through?

Dressing as an elephant, dancing Bollywood style, practicing yoga, writing an article, tweeting about the challenge and many more.

The challenge consists of four sections and each is being released at a specific time. 

It seems like the list of tasks in endless when everybody is rushing to complete them and collect as many points as possible.

The Sangam Cup is providing an excellent challenge for bringing the team together where everybody has to give their best!

Hold tight and in less than two hours the Sangam Cup will close - then the waiting time for the winner announcement starts!

Oh my god this is so much fuuuun! I hope we win.

Helen - Our Chalet, Autumn volunteer (UK)


The above article was written and submitted by the Our Chalet team that played the Sangam Cup!
Great job Our Chalet!

Interested in playing but missed the chance at the scholarship? Email for the activites.