Voices against Violence curriculum is now available!

11 October 2013

Voices against violence - HandbookTo mark International Day of the Girl, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and UN Women are pleased to announce the official launch of Voices against Violence: a unique non-formal co-educational initiative on violence against girls.

As part of the Stop the Violence: speak out for girl’s rights campaign, this curriculum will help five million children and young people learn to talk about violence, understand its root causes, recognize their rights and develop the skills and confidence to claim those rights for themselves and others. It will empower girls and boys, young women and young men to be leaders, to speak out and take action.

Education is a key tool in eliminating and preventing gender-based violence. This curriculum provides knowledge, skills and opportunities to change attitudes and to help stop the violence. It creates safe and supportive sessions for young people to learn about their rights and to discuss and challenge violence against women and girls.

“We invite each of you to join us in raising your voices against violence. The curriculum is not just for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. Deliver it to your members, use the activities at your events and training, come along to our trainings and so much more.”

Mary Mc Phail, Chief Executive, World Association

The curriculum is designed for participants who are at an important stage of their life cycle when they are forming their own friendships and relationships; when they are considering what it means to be themselves; when they are developing their own beliefs and attitudes, and their own values about gender norms, roles and expectations. This curriculum provides interactive, child and youth-centred ways for young people to talk about relationships, gender equality and abuse, within a safe and supportive environment.

The Voices against Violence curriculum section on the website provides an overview of the curriculum, how it works, the curriculum handbook and sample activities. The pathways to delivery explains how you can start your Voices against Violence journey today.

For more information on the curriculum download the Voices against Violence leaflet, or visit the Voices against Violence section of the website.



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Roseline wesonga - 26 November 2013 - 7.09PM (GMT)

This is the time to speak out and ensure our voices are heard so that violence in whichever form is done away with globally. Together we can make a difference.

darine khammessi - 14 October 2013 - 9.26PM (GMT)

This is the moment to raise your voice against violence.To say no to the ones that will make you feel down.You are worth it you can do it you can acheive your dreams.This is the moment when a girl and a girl and a girl and 250 million other girls say with voices loud that this is the moment to say no to violence....

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