Guias X Chaco, Guias Argentinas work with ‘El Impenetrable’ Chaco Community

18 October 2013

For the past 5 years Guías Argentinas have been working with an extremely remote and isolated community in El Chaco.  The GG and GS have run workshops for women, brought dentists to the place to give treatment to the community, donated bicycles so that children can get to school (which is also very remote), provided food, bedding, water etc.  They have also built a water fountain and have worked in partnership with rural schools in the Nueva Pompeya district.

In addition they have built two playgrounds named “Olave Baden Powell”, in honour of the World Chief Guide.  These are the only playgrounds in the community for children.

This year they constructed kitchen facilities for a rural school and refurbished the bathrooms. 

The team has shown an outstanding level of dedication, commitment and effort in collating materials and donations and fundraising for trips to the community. 

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