What does the perfect world for girls look like?

11 September 2012

As the first ever International Day of the Girl approaches on 11 October, help us build a vision of the perfect world for girls through pictures, videos and text submitted by young people worldwide.

The World We Want for Girls blog

For International Day of the Girl resources and to tell us what activities you're doing, visit our International Day of the Girl page.

The World We Want for Girls is a new blog created by WAGGGS to act as a visualisation of the perfect world for girls, created by young people all over the globe.

We need contributions from young people worldwide. If you are under 30 years of age, show us what you want to see in a perfect world for girls.

On 11 October we will collect all the submissions so far and present them to decision makers and the wider world. After 11 October the blog will remain open as an ongoing project.

How to contribute

You can submit your vision of the perfect world for girls in any format you like!

Just go to the submission form and choose ‘text’, ‘photo’, ‘link’, ‘quote’ or ‘video’ from the drop-down menu. The more visual and creative your submission, the better!

Click here to make your submission

Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Draw a picture of your perfect world for girls and take a photo of it
  • Use a photograph to illustrate what your perfect world looks like
  • Submit a link to a website, project or person that embodies your perfect world for girls
  • Upload a video of yourself explaining your perfect world for girls
  • Film yourself with some friends acting out a role play of your perfect world for girls
  • Take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper with your message written on it 
  • Submit a quotation from somebody inspirational which illustrates your perfect world for girls
  • Make a presentation at prezi.com and submit a link to it
  • Get together with friends or classmates and come up with submissions together
  • Fill in a World We Want for Girls postcard to explain how you think we can get to the perfect world for girls (see below)

How to fill in a World We Want for Girls postcard

Postcard imageOffline instructions

  1. Download and print the postcard image
  2. Write or draw on the postcard
  3. Take a photo or scan the postcard
  4. Submit the postcard as a photo

Online instructions

  1. Go to http://pixlr.com/express/
  2. Click ‘Open URL’
  3. Type or paste in http://www.wagggs.org/en/grab/23439/3/postcard.png and click ‘Open’
  4. Use the ‘Text’ tool to write on the postcard
  5. Click ‘Save’ to save your finished postcard
  6. Submit the postcard as a photo

Submission rules

  • Only people aged 30 years or under may contribute
  • Contributors must not submit copyrighted material
  • Submissions must follow the theme of the World We Want for Girls
  • You can make as many submissions as you like!

About International Day of the Girl

The world’s first ever International Day of the Girl will take place on 11 October 2012.

This means that the world will be focused on the unique challenges faced by girls worldwide.

Keep watching the WAGGGS website for further details of our plans to mark this historic first ever International Day of the Girl.

WAGGGS played a major part in the campaign to establish a special day dedicated to girls. Read about the declaration of International Day of the Girl

An international day dedicated to girls helps to:

  • Alert the worldto girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face due to their gender and age
  • Emphasize differences between how the world is for girls and for boys, as well as differences between how it is for girls and for women
  • Focus attention on solutions that are required from decision-makers and society
  • Empower girls to change the world for the better

WAGGGS is proud to have supported the campaign for this long-awaited day.

Your comments

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Grace Ojo Olarubofin - 13 November 2012 - 9.55AM (GMT)

Hello Harrie, well done you are doing a great job for humanity, the programme will bring change to the youth, young boys and girls who are future leaders, the programme will make a change and the future we want.on environmental sustainable development goals

victoria - 5 November 2012 - 2.34PM (GMT)

i am so glad i have the opportunity to be in young woman forum 20 and 2012, it was a great opportunity

Nova Castro - 26 September 2012 - 2.39AM (GMT)

Have submitted mine already. This is a great opportunity for girls to empower themselves and build a perfect world they have been hoping for.

Lenadean Jacobs - 25 September 2012 - 5.19PM (GMT)

I think this is an awesome idea!!! Girls worldwide should take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their version of a perfect world.

Tooba - 12 September 2012 - 5.34AM (GMT)

Wao... Great!!!
Come on Girls its time to make your world now...

Temme how i will spread this opportunity more???

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