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23 March 2012

WAGGGS is setting an Earth Hour challenge for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. If you complete environmental activities, we will stage an environmental action parade at a UN conference on your behalf.

Earth Hour happens on 31 March. It is a global day of activism when people all around the world turn off their lights and electrical devices for one hour at 8:30PM in a show of solidarity against climate change. It is also an opportunity to take long term environmental action that goes "beyond the hour".

We are challenging you to complete environmental activities from our World Thinking Day activity pack. For each activity you complete, we will take one step in our environmental action parade at the Rio+20 sustainability conference in Brazil this June.

Real action to stop climate change


Each one of your activities makes our parade one step longer. The longer the parade is, the more people at the UN conference will hear the message that Girl Guides and Girl Scouts want real action to stop climate change.

There is no limit to how many activities you can complete – so see how many you can do!

Email comms@wagggs.org to tell us how many activities you have completed. If you send photos of your activities, we will carry them on placards in our parade. 

How to take part

Your comments

Piotrek - 28 March 2012 - 2.43PM (GMT)

jestem Warszawiakiem i wychowanym w świadomości dla środowiska i jego wartości dla człowieka ... każda akcja wspierająca i dająca ochronę przyrodę jest dla mnie światełkiem nadziei na przyszłość .

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