Your planet needs you!

1 June 2009

WAGGGS calls all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide to take action on United Nations World Environment Day (WED) on 5 June 2009. While the main WED activities will take place in this year’s host country, Mexico, hundreds of additional celebrations worldwide will also be organized, making this a truly global event. 
The WED theme this year is ’Your Planet Needs You! Unite to Combat Climate Change.’ This represents the start of WAGGGS advocacy work on the environment, running up to the crucial UN climate conference in Copenhagen some 180 days later, where important decisions on climate and the future of our planet will be made.
The WED theme reflects the urgency for nations to ‘seal the deal’ and agree on a new plan to ensure a sustainable environment and commit to take action, like for example reducing CO2 emissions. It also calls for everyone to get involved, rethink actions that result in wastage and heavy greenhouse gas emissions, and adopt a greener lifestyle.

What you can do

WAGGGS has launched a new section on the website - ‘take action against climate change’ - where you can find a whole range of activities to get involved, like for example the new Global Action Theme badge girls worldwide say ’together we can change our world’.

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