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6 August 2010

Stand up, Take Action 2010 WAGGGS called on all our members to speak out against poverty by taking part in the 2010 Stand Up and Make Noise global action from 17 to 19 of September.

The event coincided with the UN MDG+10 Summit in New York, where world leaders gathered to review progress made on the Millennium Development Goals 10 years on from their inception. The campaign saw people around the world make noise, any kind of noise, to raise awareness of the issues.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world recorded their ‘heartbeat messages’ all around the world. Have a look at he ones we have received below!

Use your phone to take a video or record the noise you make. Send your recordings to or send us photos and a description of your heartbeat activity.

Your actions

The Philippines

The Senior Girl Scout Troop 767 of Panacan National High School Panacan, Narra, Palawan, Philippines, recorded this video on 19 September 2010 during the first day of Girl Scout Week celebration called 'Girls Day'. They say: "We hope we send enough beat to let the world know that we care and we want to stop poverty worldwide."


Pakistan Girl Guides Association -Stand up 2010The Girl Guides, Junior Guides, Senior Guides and members of Pakistan Girl Guides Association (PGGA) joined hands to collect, pack and send relief goods to more than 150 families which have been affected by the destruction of the floods.

The relief goods were delivered in two batches (four truck loads in total), one to Gurmani Sharqi near Kot Addu (6,7 Sept) and the other batch was sent to Kotla Mughlan near Jampur and Dera Ghazi Khan. These were the efforts of Lahore Branch and Punjab Executive members .

Flood relief work has been done in all provinces, areas and districts branches of Pakistan Girl Guides Association.

GNO- LebanonLebanon

The Guides Nationales Orthodoxes (GNO) in the North to the East of the valley of Bekaa, have helped the children of the poor lebanese village of Deir Mimes.

The Guides collected food and clothes with the help of their family and friends and spent a day with the children delivering the goods.




5th Didcot Brownies, based in Oxfordshire, UK, made their hearts beat at their weekly Brownie meeting. Their message is "To beat poverty, we must talk less and do more".

Stand up -Heart beat 2010- Hampshire East centenary camp


You can hear the drumming recorded at the Global Village Tent, which was one of the activities for the Hampshire East Centenary camp held at Lyons Copse, Shedfield, Hants, UK, from 1 to 7 August 2010.




Guías from community n°33 in Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina made noise for the MDGs and to end poverty around the world. Girls from all the different age groups took part in the activity (Alitas, Caravanas, Solar and Clan).


Girl Scouts of Korea had a national staff meeting from 7 to 9 September with staff of provincial councils and national headquarters. During the meeting, they took a video about the MDGs to take part in Stand up and make noise campaign. 


Members of Olave (Guides 18-30) in Victoria Australia have set up an online Stand Up event and are encouraging Guides and friends to take action for Stand Up day. They have suggested changing profile pics, status' and uploading the pledge as a note or video. You can visit their facebook group.

They have also created this video to encourage people:

Bowral Guides and Junior Guides NSW Australia have made a clip for Stand up and Take action for the MDG's:


El Salvador

Asociación de Muchachas Guías Scouts  El Salvador - Stand up actionThe Asociación de Muchachas Guías Scouts de El Salvador organized their first Virtual Rally ‘100 years of sisterhood’ for Guides and leaders from El Salvador and Venezuela on Saturday 18 September using email and social networks such as facebook. They promoted the Global Action Theme and the Millennium Development Goals At the same time, they participated in the ‘Stand up and make noise campaign’. Each member had a budget to buy ingredients and then they cooked and distributed the food amongst homeless people. This activity was very well received by the participants.

We felt great as we knew that we were preparing food for those who needed the most. This must have been the only time they have eaten in days....What had a big impact on us was the expression on their faces when they were receiving the food, they had a big smile and that was enough to show how grateful they were.

The Gua-camayas patrol from Venezuela

During the Rally, the Guides also recorded their own ´Stand up and make noise´ video:


You can watch the great video that teen girls from the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital put together as a part of their advocacy training on 31 July. They learned about global issues connected to the Millennium Development Goals and then found ways to take action and to make a difference for their fellow sisters around the world. 

Our Cabaña

Summer participants at Our Cabaña, WAGGGS World Centre in Mexico, also recorded their heart beat message:

For more information on the Stand Up campaign, visit standagainstpoverty or watch the video produced by the Millennium Campaign to reinstate the importance of the MDGs.

What are the MDGs?

In 2000, the 189 UN Member States adopted the Millennium Declaration which promised to: "free all men, women, and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty." Each of the eight MDGs identifies a key area which must be targeted in order to tackle poverty worldwide. This historical and inspirational declaration was a global deal by which rich and poor governments of the world agreed to unite in an unprecedented common effort to eliminate the scourge of poverty and hunger and tackle other major issues by 2015. Learn more…

Your comments

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Sharon Merrill - 18 September 2010 - 12.06AM (GMT)

Women are the ones that give birth to the men that seemingly have run the countries. Several women have come to the forefront and have shown brilliance in their own right. Marie Curie, Rachel Carson, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Bhuto,Catherine the Great, Ada Lovelace, Eleanor Roosevelt, Florence Nightingale. These are only to name a few.

jaehong - 15 September 2010 - 5.37AM (GMT)

thank you

Fern Bennett - 13 September 2010 - 9.25AM (GMT)

Saint John, New Brunswick is hosting a Stand Up event King Square 12:15 noon, Friday Sept 17, 2010. Please come and encourage others to attend. We need to make ending poverty a priority!

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