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25 January 2010

World Thinking Day 2010 is girls worldwide say “together we can end extreme poverty and hunger”. It links with WAGGGS’ Global Action Theme (GAT) which supports the UN’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). You can learn more about the MDGs through our GAT programme and show you support by taking part in the Stand Up Against Poverty campaign in September.

What are the MDGs?

In 2000, the 189 UN Member States adopted the Millennium Declaration which promised to: "free all men, women, and children from the abject and dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty." Each of the eight MDGs identifies a key area which must be targeted in order to tackle poverty worldwide. This historical and inspirational declaration was a global deal by which rich and poor governments of the world agreed to unite in an unprecedented common effort to eliminate the scourge of poverty and hunger and tackle other major issues by 2015. Learn more… 

WAGGGS part of record-breaking Stand Up in 2009

A Guinness World Record was shattered when 173,045,325 citizens gathered at over 3,000 events in more than 120 countries from 16 to 18 October 2009 as part of the Stand Up campaign. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in countries including USA, Sudan, Japan, Our Chalet, Pakistan, UAE, Madagascar, and Thailand took part in a variety of ways. Activities ranged from drawing posters to holding demonstrations.

Join hands with us to Stand Up on 17 to 19 of September

Madagascar - Stand up campaign

The world was on track to achieve at least the first MDG of halving the number of extreme poor; and was coming close in several others. Now, that hard fought progress is at risk. Ten years after the Millennium Declaration was signed, the economic crisis, which originated within the world’s major financial centres, has spread throughout the global economy. Developing countries, which are the least responsible for the crisis, are suffering the most.

From 20 to 22 of September, 2010, Heads of State will meet again at the United Nations headquarters to review the successes, to learn from the failures, and to discuss the launch of detailed plans on how to ensure the attainment of the MDGs by 2015. It will be a great opportunity to call for collective action and efforts needed to meet the MDGs by the 2015. This year, a special edition of the Stand Up, Take Action Against Poverty campaign has been launched.

WAGGGS encourages everyone to join hands and Stand Up on 17-19 of September just before leaders arrive at the UN MDG + 10 Summit in New York.

We still are the first generation that can end poverty, and we must refuse to miss the opportunity!

Jordi Llopart, Millennium Campaign


To kick off the 2010 MDG year, the Millennium Campaign has produced a video to reinstate the importance of the MDGs. The video was launched during the Match Against Poverty taking place in Lisbon, and it broadcasted on many social networks such as The clip is available in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German) and can be downloaded on high and low definition.

The message of this video is very simple: ‘The MDGs can be achieved. There are No Excuses: End Poverty Now’.

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Hilary Johnston - 20 February 2010 - 2.37PM (GMT)

Wow! What a powerful call to action. I am thrilled to be part of Girl Guides of Canada at this time. We have the opportunity to make history.

Let's truly do our best, starting with "Fivers for Friendship" this Thinking Day!

Hilary Johnston
Unit Guider, Ottawa 61st Girl Guides

yong yong - 26 February 2010 - 1.51PM (GMT)

It's a great action for girls like us.
I'm currently holding a project to minimise poverty in my state too, supporting the GAT programme.

I'm really proud to be a Girl Guide.

Yong Yong
Melaka's Ranger 1st Unit Leader,

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