Leadership training- Kenya

Train the Trainers - Londiani, Kenya

Girl Guide and Girl Scout leaders from around the world are joining together with the Friends of Londiani, Kenya, from 21 to 27 February to support the local community in an initiative to help 4500 local girls and young women.

JLS2009In 2009, WAGGGS held the Juliette Low Seminar in Kenya -an international training seminar as part of the WAGGGS Leadership Development Program (WLDP) – – for 70 young women from 70 countries. Approximately 17 of these participants spent a week with a partner organisation, Friends of Londiani (FOL), in the district of Kipkelion in Northern Kenya.  This significant event was the start of a partnership.

At the WLDP training in May 2010, one of the young women who was a host for the event in Londiani and attended the JLS - local Guide leader and teacher, Evaline Martim spoke to the trainers about the community based work of Guides in Londiani, and expressed the need for young women to have access to sanitary products. Since then work has focused on researching existing affordable sanitary products available, and looking at other similar models of work in Kenya and elsewhere.  Contacts have been made with other NGOs working in this area, in order to develop an approach that meets the needs of girls and women in Londiani and fits with the community development and leadership approaches of WAGGGS.

At this  ‘train the trainers’ a ‘sanitary’ education and awareness programme will be developed and delivered to the first intake of trainers, who will then be responsible for the delivery of the training to girls across the district – ahead of receiving the sanitary products. It will also provide an opportunity for the local public health team who do the Healthy Schools training to train the WAGGGS trainers in this material, so they in turn can share it in their own countries.

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Joyelle - 20 October 2011 - 8.23AM (GMT)

A mitnue saved is a minute earned, and this saved hours!

priyanthi H. Rajapaksa - 1 April 2011 - 4.01AM (GMT)

am so happy to hear aprogramme of sanitation was carried out Londiani. I have the experience
Conducting a smellier programme but water for drinking also added to the programme. It was funded by UNICEF which was for year It is very useful for every one specially for Girls . if I had a chance I would
Have joined the programme. I am sure it is a fruitful programme conducted by our sister Guides

Alice Waweru,Development Executive Africa Region - 9 March 2011 - 11.57AM (GMT)

Hi pioneers of this noble project,

Congratulations to the young women pioneer facilitators of this program and to the beneficiaries girls! you are priviledged and how i wish that all girls in Africa could experience learning from the special training manual that was used at this training! Well done Linden,Nadine,lydia,Ann and Maria the host in Londiani

sandrine, centenary ambassador senegal - 4 March 2011 - 10.02AM (GMT)

Thanks all. It was a great experience. The londiani community open us there house and city thanks for all sharing and friendship.God bless us.

Alice Boateng - 3 March 2011 - 4.28PM (GMT)

Waoh, that's good news for all of us. To Eva keep the little Guiding candle spirit. thanks WAGGGS

Annette - 2 March 2011 - 7.31AM (GMT)

Thanks so much guys. It was a wonderful experience. I learnt a lot and hope to make a positive change in the lives of girls around me.

Anne Rise - 1 March 2011 - 10.12PM (GMT)

How wonderful to see that this great project is going on and also with WAGGGS contributions. Amazing how things can work out, thanks to your efforts!

CL Swatland - 1 March 2011 - 7.53AM (GMT)

CONGRATULATIONS on a successful next step in the G4G project. You honor all of us, and all females, by your efforts there. Thank you - Asante!

Maria Kidney - 28 February 2011 - 11.08AM (GMT)

Congratulations to the Girls for Girls team! On behalf of Friends of Londiani and the communities of Londiani thank you for taking up the Girls for Girls challenge - your hard work, dedication and the impact you have made over the past few days. The feedback from Londiani is hugely positive and we are looking forward to taking the next steps towards achieving our goal of "no girl missing a day of school because of "those things". Asante Sana!

Hiba El-Sabeh - 26 February 2011 - 1.47PM (GMT)

Hey there!!
I'm really so proud of you. Keep up the good work. An experience like that could change someone's life. Enjoy it.
Can't wait to see you soon.

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