Juliette Low Seminar 2006

The prestigious Juliette Low Seminar occurs twice each triennium. The event provides a platform for young women from around the world to discuss leadership issues and develop their leadership skills.

Some of the bright young leaders of the futureThis year, the theme was ’Values-based Leadership in an International Setting’ and it took place from 27 August 2006 to 2 September 2006.

The Sangam World Centre hosted the event and participants attended sessions on all aspects of leadership and leadership development. There was also an opportunity to visit local organisations to discuss leadership in an Indian context. 

What happened? Read the daily updates!

During the seminar, the young women participating posted daily updates to this section.  Visitors to the site left comments which were read out during reflections every morning.
Each day has its own page so look out for polls, news and photos.  Don’t forget to take part in the polls – we still want to find out from YOU what your opinion is on burning issues from the seminar!

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Magally Rubí Durán - 3 June 2007 - 5.52AM (GMT)

Participé en el SJL en setiembre de 1997. Fue una experiencia inolvidable. Hoy, 10 años después, e incorporada actualmente como Jefa Guía Nacional en mi país Costa Rica, reconozco lo valioso del aporte del Seminario en mi crecimiento personal y en el Guidismo. Recuerdo con mucho cariño a mis compañeras y los conocimientos que juntas construimos. El tema en ese entonces "ENLAZA-CONSTRUYE-MOVILIZA" hizo que mi percepción de mi papel en la sociedad cobrara un sentido real de trabajo en equipo y solidaridad, que hasta la fecha sigue generando grandes logros a mi alrededor. Hermanas Guías, Un beso desde Costa Rica.

Natalia Salas - 17 November 2006 - 10.36PM (GMT)

JLS 2005 was a wonderful and changing experience for me. I hope you had the greatest of times!!! I wish you the best in achieving your personal goals and discovering your potentials. If you had the opportunity to attend JLS it’s because you have plenty to share with the world.

All the way from Costa Rica a warm hug to my JLS 2005 partners and to JLS 2006 wish you the best.

Ruchira - Sri Lanka, Participant, JLS 2005 - 27 September 2006 - 9.01AM (GMT)

JLS 2005 was my chance to "Discover my potential". Hope all of you had that opportunity.

Keep the Guiding Light shining!

Cathy Warne - 24 September 2006 - 12.31AM (GMT)

Dear Participants in JLS 2006

It looks like you had a fabulous time at Sangam (of course!)

Now that the event has passed, hold what you learned and experienced in your hearts, and try to be inspirational - in Guiding and in all that you do.

May your memories be fond and your friendships precious.

Cathy Warne, UK, Sangam PA Summer 2005
PS Greetings to Rachel P - good to see your note on here!

mabel- Zimbabwe - 20 September 2006 - 2.01PM (GMT)

From what we learnt at JLS I hope we have been inspired and can make a change in our communities, organizations and WAGGGS. We can do it ladies. Take care!

mantoa Dlamini - 15 September 2006 - 10.24PM (GMT)

thank you for the seminar and please remember that even if we are all away we are still part of you and we will remember the place and the seminar.

Kundhavi - 12 September 2006 - 12.56PM (GMT)

Guess you have all gone back home safely and thinking and reliving the JSL week over and over again. You are now energised and passionate about the voluntary work you do... and keen to do your art to mae the world a better place.

I felt the same too... JLS is a fantabulous experience... something I'll cherish for life.

Warm regards,

Chair - JLS Planning Team 2005

Rachel Parker - 2 September 2006 - 4.55PM (GMT)

With both Sangam and Juliette Low Seminars close to my heart - I am once again inspired by the unique strenth and opportunity our organization offers. As we discovered at our seminar in 2000 - you will all become agents for change in your own way. I hope India has captured your spirit the way it did mine and wish you luck as you return home to dream, dare and do! As Gandhi said - "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Sangam Staff - 1 September 2006 - 7.45PM (GMT)

What an amazing experience this past week has been! Thank for embracing the Sangam Spirit and enjoying all that India and our World Centre has to offer. We wish you well as you go your separate ways and hope that this is just the beginning of a very bright future for the next generation of WAGGGS leaders.
Best Wishes
From all the staff at Sangam.

Susan L. Paddock - 1 September 2006 - 7.34PM (GMT)

When I look at their faces,
I always see interest and patience.
I see smiles and honest expressions
from these women beside me.

When I listen to them, I hear
laughter, stories of life and mutual
experiences that I share
with these women beside me.

When I begin to know them, I
know them as mothers, wives, teachers,
nurses and much more. They are
much more, these women beside me.

When I am with them, they inspire me
to try. They encourage me and include me. I always feel welcomed by these
women beside me.

When I tell people about them, I say
they are Guiders. They are not above
me or below me. I am thankful to know these women beside me.

Author Unknown

Sending you all very special greetings from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Guiding spirit lives in all your hearts, continue to share,learn and grow together. I am thinking of you all and still carry special memories of the JLS,Our Chalet, 1983 that I had the privilege of attending. Best wishes for a successful conference. xoxo to Norah Lynn Paddock, I love you, Mom

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