Journey to Leadership seminar, Burundi


Journey to Leadership is a joint leadership development project between the WAGGGS Europe and Africa regions, based on the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP).

 The project includes three main activities:

 1. Research into women’s leadership and partnership in project participants’ countries and UN Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 3 and MDG 8.

 2. A high-profile WLDP training event in Bujumbura (Burundi) from 4 to 10 September 2011 where participants will learn how to lead others in complex situations, handle change, promote gender equality, develop partnership and advocacy projects.

 3. Following the WLDP event, participants will undertake cooperative advocacy projects on MDG 3 and MDG 8 in their countries, thereby sharing their learning and leadership skills with many more Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, helping them to change their world.

 Young women from 13 Associations from the Africa Region, 13 Associations from the Europe Region and 2 women from Australia are currently implementing the project in their countries.  

The project has been funded with the support from the European Commission, Youth in Action programme.

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 of the If you would like to find out more about the project please contact Paola Cervoat

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Mary Joan Nkwemu - 7 September 2011 - 11.12AM (GMT)

My warm greetings to all the participants and not forgeting the planning team of the wonderful journey to leadership seminar Burundi. Am a WLDP member ,Zambia and when i hear about a seminar on WLDP, it really makes me happy beacause i know many young women are empowered to make a change in their associations and also make our world better. Am pretty sure that with this planning team, our participants will do wonders. All the best to you all!!!!!!!!

Anne Rise - 5 September 2011 - 9.24PM (GMT)

Dear all participants and planning team members at the WLDP seminar in Burundi,
Your journey to Burundi has come to a pit stop where you hopefully all will feel the joy of both getting filled up with energy and enthusiasm as well as the joy of giving and sharing your experiences with peer friends. May you find fruitful discussions, new discoveries about your leadership competences, and may you go back to your home associations and share your achievements there.

Enjoy the seminar and each other,

Anne Rise
Leadership Development Consultant

Lydia Mutare - 5 September 2011 - 4.03PM (GMT)

Greetings to all the participants and planning team, of the Journey to Leadership seminar, Burund
This will be a unique journey for each one of you full of learning and fun. Enjoy the challenge that each day brings as well as the sharing of experiences.
Enjoy Burundi!!

Alice Boateng - 5 September 2011 - 1.34PM (GMT)

I believe this forum will bring out a lot of leaders who will make our world better. wish all participants well and they must know that they cannot let WAGGGS down, Girls stand up and out and fight for your rights.

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