The 21st Arab International Camp

22 August 2014- 29 August 2014

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Arab Camp logo EngThe Arab Region takes pleasure to invite you to attend the 21st Arab International Camp that will be held in Tunisia during the period from 22:29 / August / 2014 under the theme:

Guides Embrace the Future

Every Member Organization is invited to participate with a delegation consisting of  2 patrols of Girl Guides from the age group 14-18 years + one or two leaders.  

The Arab Region has the pleasure to invite MOs from other WAGGGS Regions to participate with a delegation consisting of 1 patrol of Girl Guides from the age group 14-18 years + one leader. 

In the case of the desire of any MO from the Arab Region or other WAGGGS Regions to participate with a larger number of girl guides and/or leaders, please contact the Arab Region and Tunisian Scouts as soon as possible to meet this demand

The objectives of the Camp:

  1. YWs for Arab Camp 2Establish closer bonds of friendship, cooperation and sisterhood between Girl Guides.
  2. Learn more about the participant countries' history and traditions.
  3. Develop the capabilities and abilities of participants to organize and manage big gatherings.
  4. Learn more about some Tunisia’s features study its environment and nature and provide some voluntary services to the Tunisian community.
  5. Give the participants the chance to practice guiding method and traditions in the outdoor.
  6. Identify the needs and aspirations of girls and young women.
  7. Identify the different WAGGGS initiatives including E-learning.
  8. Promote and improve the image of the Girl Guides movement in public, as an international educational movement that is opened for all girls meant to enhance their abilities to become responsible citizens in their local, national and international society.

How to register:

You need to fill and return the following forms:

  • Acceptance in Principle and Visa forms (Appendix II) to be returned before the 15 June 2014
  • Travel and Accommodation form (appendix III) to be returned before the 15 July 2014

The Arab Region is keen that MOs enable Girl Guides to take part of this unique experience, that is held once every two years, where Girl Guides would have the opportunity to share the Guiding Spirit and enjoy many camp skills and activities.

YWs for Arab Camp

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