35th World Conference

5 July 2014- 9 July 2014

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7794 1181
Email: sherine@wagggs.org
Website: www.wagggs.org/en/35worldconference

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35 World Conference

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association is preparing to greet you all in Hong Kong for the 35th World Conference.

The Conference programme provides an exciting mix of business and informative sessions on the transformational changes proposed in WAGGGS’ strategy and global initiatives. It also provides innovative and interactive workshops on big issues such as Stop the Violence, Self-Esteem, Gendered Leadership and Global Youth Community, headlined by high profile expert speakers. You will be able to meet with other Conference participants and partners from all over the world, from within and outside the Movement, both formally and informally. This Conference will be very much focussed on young women taking the lead. We would encourage our Member Organisations to choose their delegations based on those who are able to contribute strategically, and to ensure that young women are represented as official delegates.

Following feedback from the last World Conference, we have ensured that the programme is as flexible as possible and allows those with other professional commitments to attend a shortened business programme.

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