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We want your voice to be heard while we are at COP19, and ask you to send us your Postcards from the Frontlines. 

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), in collaboration with ByPost and with the support of Dame Vivienne Westwood and Gillian Anderson, launches an innovative postcards project to achieve urgently needed recognition and protection for climate refugees. Postcards from the Frontlines was launched in style at Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label show at London Fashion week where Vivienne herself urged the audience to help protect climate refugees by sending a postcard.

WAGGGS is asking you to send us ‘postcards’ with photos of the effects of climate change from your country, and a brief story of how climate change has affected you. If you have not been directly affected, send a photo of your home or a place you love along with a description of what it means to you and how you would hate to lose it due to climate change. We will collect these photos and stories and share them the Actions Working Group on 15th December during COP19, who will then pass these on to EJF.  

Send your photos to our Facebook or Twitter accounts, or send them to

To read more, visit the Postcards from the Frontlines website.

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