Alcoa Foundation

The Alcoa Foundation has given funding for WAGGGS and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) to develop and deliver global environmental Take Action projects.

Alcoa Foundation

Under the Together Greening project, 20 GSUSA councils and 20 groups from 10 different WAGGGS Member Organizations (MO) partnered with each other to deliver combined "twinning" projects. 

The MOs taking part include Australia, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Guinea, Suriname, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Iceland and Jamaica.

The twinning projects were delivered over two years by groups of 15 girls aged 11 to 17 and one adult leader from the MO, working with the same number of girls from a GSUSA council. Each project aimed to reach out to at least 400 people.

Together Greening 

Together Greening has engaged with broader environment campaigns including WAGGGS' World Thinking Day theme “We can save our planet”, and GSUSA's Forever Green campaign.

Alcoa also developed an employee engagement programme in each country, working directly with MOs to deliver environment projects at a local level.

"Seed-grants" from Alcoa have helped MOs and councils to mobilise volunteers from  for example  community groups, schools or other local, national or global organisations. Seed-grants were also used as leverage to bring in additional funding for proposed activities.

Project aims and focus

The aims of Together Greening:

  • Increase girls’ awareness about the world, promote cross-cultural learning opportunities, educate girls on relevant global environmental issues and empower them to take action.
  • Promote a global voice for girls and foster responsible global citizens to make the world a better place.
  • Projects will be led by girls, inspiring and encouraging their families, schools and communities to take action to improve the environment.

Projects have an environmental focus, decided upon by the girls, in conjunction with their Twinning Partners. Themes can fall under any of the following categories:

  • Climate change mitigation, including increasing use of sustainable energy sources, reducing use of fossil fuels
  • Saving resources, including water and energy
  • Rain gardens/climate change adaptation
  • Waste reduction

To find out more, please visit the Together Greening Tumblr Site