United Nations NYC.jpgWith ten million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 146 countries across the world, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the largest voluntary movement dedicated to girls and young women in the world.

The World Association supports girls and young women to develop their full potential as responsible citizens of the world. We focus on leadership development and active citizenship. These are delivered through our innovative global education and community and advocacy programmes.

We deliver a well-established, unique values-based approach to non-formal learning, that is international and intergenerational. Girls and young women develop life skills through self-development, challenge and adventure.

There are five WAGGGS’ regions – Africa, Arab, Asia Pacific, Europe and Western Hemisphere and four World Centres: Our Chalet in Switzerland, Sangam in India, Pax Lodge in UK and Our Cabaña in Mexico. The World Centres are residential and training centres where girls and young women develop leadership skills through international programmes and friendships.

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victoria - 13 October 2011 - 11.14PM (GMT)

guides is so much FUN!!!!!!!! i enjoy meeting new people and love the camps :)

victoria - 21 August 2011 - 5.27AM (GMT)

guides is the hero of my week!!!!! i love my guides, and i wouldnt enjoy the week without it!!!!!!

thank you Boden Powell

Autumn - 4 June 2011 - 8.17PM (GMT)

I am a Junior girl scout and I found this web site very helpful...thank you..Autumn.

lili, imogen and ella - 5 May 2011 - 7.35AM (GMT)

it is so fun (lili) and we learn so much (Imogen.) It is fun (Ella.) Anna and Katie are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( kind of )

JAMIE - 5 May 2011 - 7.34AM (GMT)

I love brownies and my leaders Anna Jenny and Katie

Ruby - 5 May 2011 - 7.26AM (GMT)

Girl guiding is so awesome,my leaders are the best. I am all the way from New Zealand!!!

abbie - 13 April 2011 - 5.42PM (GMT)

Guiding rocks! its so much fun!

nurulatiqahpeekabooyou - 6 April 2011 - 12.42PM (GMT)

I Am Brownies :) ( Wagggs )

lindsay anderson - 22 March 2011 - 6.09PM (GMT)

hi, earlier this year i attended the centenary camp in leeds and had great fun. i made a new friend called sinead who is from ireland. im a ranger now (:

Delicia - 10 March 2011 - 1.16AM (GMT)

I love Guiding!!!!!!!!Thinking Day in this year was fun and informative!!!!!Guiding is the best!!!!!!

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