Young Women's World Forum - Day 5

YWWF 2010- 21 October

The final day of the Young Women’s World Forum was exciting as delegates spent the morning voting on which of the statements they had developed throughout the week would make the final declaration. Intense debating took place as delegates tried to convince others to vote for their favourite statements; they voted through a total of 12 statements calling Governments, WAGGGS and Civil Society to action change on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), from issuing policies to guarantee sustainable development of the envionment, creating programmes on poverty or ensuring active participation of young women at all levels of society. You can download the full declaration from this website.

Delegates then spent some time in their patrol groups contemplating how they can make an impact – completing their personal action plans to take home with them and writing their personal pledge on a T-shirt to tell the world what they are going to do to help meet the MDGS.

Later in the afternoon delegates presented the final declaration to members of WAGGGS’ World Board and Girlguiding UK’s executive committee and heard from representative of both organizations on their response to the Forum and the work of the young women present.

The evening rounded off the Young Women’s World Forum with a gala dinner where delegates and event volunteers could enjoy each other’s company and let their hair down one last time.

Now just watch this space to hear what our young women go on to do when they return home from the Forum!

YWWF 2010- 23 October -T-shirt pledgeYWWF 2010- 23 October -T-shirt pledgeYWWF 2010- 23 October -T-shirt pledge









YWWF 2010- 23 October -T-shirt pledgeYWWF 2010- 23 October -T-shirt pledgeYWWF 2010- 23 October -T-shirt pledge










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a de leon - 30 October 2010 - 5.25AM (GMT)

ideas come in a lot of ways, communicating them takes creativity , passion and commitment....

congratulations to all the attendees of the conference. more powerful ideas from hereon to the centenary!...

Ruchira Jayasinghe - 2 November 2010 - 3.52PM (GMT)

Congratulations to all the participants! I can see that you learnt and shared a lot. I hope that you go home safe and share the experience with many other young women as well as leaders. It is the only way forward. I also hope that you convince other young women to take up unique opportunities like this to empower themselves and be part of something much bigger. All the Best!

Ruchira Jayasinghe
Member / Asia Pacific Regional Committee

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