Young Women's World Forum - Day 4

YWWF 2010 -22 October Friday was an extremely productive day at the Young Women’s World Forum; delegates took part in a campaigning workshop where they put the statements they have been developing over the week on to placards to lobby other delegates to vote for their statements to be included in the final declaration. The session was lively and colourful with the young women using a lot of creative methods to promote their messages including speeches and songs.


David Cameron visits YWWF 2010

The potential of the power of campaigning was emphasised by a surprise visit to the session. The Young Women’s World Forum was addressed by Prime Minister David Cameron, the event is taking place in his parliamentary constituency of Witney.



YWWF 2010- 22 OctoberIn the afternoon delegates had the opportunity to visit the historical university city of Oxford, taking in sites such as the Ashmolean Museum and Trinity College. The delegates then enjoyed a Ceilidh in the evening, as a precursor to next year’s World Conference which is being hosted by Girlguiding UK in Edinburgh. This traditional Scottish dancing was made even more fun because everyone was given a “See you Jimmy” hat – a tartan bobble hat with fluffy red hair sticking out!

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a de leon - 24 October 2010 - 8.28AM (GMT)

more and more girls should be involved all over the world. they have a VOICE and having this kind of conferences gives them a venue to suggest whats best for the world....each one of us has an idea whether big or small. the one thing important is to be heard....
thank you for this opportunity esp for the Girl Scouts of the Philippines to be part of this endeavor. Long live WAGGS

Sally Thornton - 24 October 2010 - 11.36AM (GMT)

From all the staff and volunteers at Our Chalet, congratulations on the wonderful success of Forum 2010! I am sure you are all having an amazing experience, one that will stay with you for the rest of your lives as you move forward to the next 100 years of changing lives!
Our Chalet, together with Sangam, Our Cabana & Pax Lodge, are looking forward to hosting the next YWWF in March 2011!

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