Sunday -Preparation for the experience

The cold weather here in the Swiss Alps could not dampen our enthusiasm, as we start the Juliette Low experience. We started the day with games and activities, which certainly made us focus on the tasks at hand.

The session on building trust was very interesting. At first, we were unsure if we could carry out the tasks but we started trusting each other and finally we gained confidence and achieved success!

After building trust, the rest of the programme went smoothly, and everybody participated and got involved.

Defining our peak was even more interesting. There were some peaks that were similar, although the tools that would take with us to reach our peaks differ from that of others. We were tasked to contribute an item from our toolkit, and the contributions were unique and memorable, from credit cards, cookies, maps, sun block and pictures of family and friends.

Indeed, today was a well-balanced day, full of knowledge and fun.

Patrol Everest
Ainil (Malaysia), Amablika (Guyana), Caroline (Cook Islands), Isabel (Austria), Lara (Lebanon), Melissa (Canada), Miora (Madagascar), Neema (Tanzania),  Roberta (Italy), Tsankho (Malawi).

Key learnings

Day one consisted of a lumber of sessions, including discussions on goals and values, at the end of which values were expounded upon and made clearer.

The first day of the seminar was very fruitful and informative. New perspectives were created and shared:
  • Trust and commitment are important, and we discovered this through some outdoor activities
  • Being open-minded and having respect for everyone´s ideas are essential for cooperation
  • A comfortable atmosphere encourages progress and free and honest expression
  • We have common peaks but we have different routes to take and different tools to prepare us. All are equally important
  • Having fun is also vital
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Riche Brown - 2 December 2008 - 2.22PM (GMT)

That was a great program girls KUDOS',the spirit of guiding is alive.Am really impressed and i hope all that was learnt at the seminar will be impacted into others at your various organisations when you get home.CHAO

Stephanie - 18 November 2008 - 5.27PM (GMT)

It's great to be here with this girls!!! .. they have so much things to share!! .. today it was the best experience! ... we went to the adventure park!! everyone was sooo wonderful, they do a good job!!


Agatha - 18 November 2008 - 3.47PM (GMT)

It nice been in a team of different girls from different countries and i feel great
Love to all guides in sierra leone
SLGGA says
reach the peak of ur experience

loise - 17 November 2008 - 9.48PM (GMT)

it's really a great pleasure having met you all and it's also a great benefit for me to be at Our Chalet and get to learn from those who are more experienced in leadership than me yeah one thing i know is that we all have our differences but we should'nt let that draw us apart but we should actually use our differences to complement other people's needs.
wishing you all a fantastic stay at Our Chalet.

Yours in guiding,

alia - 17 November 2008 - 8.44PM (GMT)

its oooooooooooooooooowesome I wish all the young woman of the world were here the amount of experiences that we are all going through and learning from is unbeliveable ..I can't wait for tommorows adventure :)

Florence Enemuo .C. - 17 November 2008 - 3.11PM (GMT)

this is really great! i can see the enthusiasm,friendship and the spirit at its peak as you girls set out to learn through adventure,JLS has really impacted upon our girl`s leadership quality,am a witness i was at Sangam in 2006,keep it up girls!

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