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Fifty-one young women from around the world took the journey together in their quest to become better leaders by participating in the Juliette Low Seminar 2008.

Me as a Leader

The first part of the programme focussed on personal development, discovering the leader within themselves. They explored key concepts of leadership and how these relate to the participants´ own values, as well as the values and of WAGGGS. They also spent time overcoming fears while completing a challenging course in an adventure park.

Leading Others

Part of being an effective leader is to have the ability to lead others as well as allowing others to lead. There was activities that teach the value of teamwork as well as the challenges that are experienced in a living team. Finally, participants explored issues related to conflict transformation.

Leaders in Actions

Leaders facilitate change and make things happen! After discovering that they are leaders, and that they can work well with a team, it became crucial for participants to learn the value of advocacy, taking in consideration the WAGGGS Global Action Theme.

Leaders of the World

The final step in the participants’ journeys was to take all the lessons they learned and transform them into concrete action plans that they will implement in their own countries.

The JLS08 was a memorable experience, not only because of the remarkable activities offered, but also because of the affirmation that young women leaders all over the world agree that together, we can change our world!

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Sumaiyah Najib - 20 November 2008 - 6.19AM (GMT)

This is Great!People should have programmes like JLS in every community if We want to change our world together.
I wish I could join them too!

Sumaiyah Najib
Bangladesh International School
Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

Rachel Williamson - 10 January 2009 - 10.56PM (GMT)

Sitting in Ireland, Missing the snow laughter and fun of the JLS not forgetting all the hard work everyone put in.

Miora - 23 January 2009 - 11.03AM (GMT)

JLS was a wonderful and changing experiences to me. So Girl Guides, Hold on to what you have learnt and experienced in your hearts, try to be inspirational in Guiding and in all that you do.

I miss you Girls
Best Wishes and take care

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