Monday- me as leader

This morning, the sessions focused on leadership theory, understanding leadership and how it is based on our beliefs and values. We discussed that we must be aware of our actions and how they affect other people. Through games and discussions we exchanged ideas and rediscovered the importance of remembering that our actions have consequences.

To be a good leader you need to carry a vision. We spent time discussing how to develop visions and how to communicate those, with these around us.

In groups we brainstormed what values are, where they come from, and why they are important to each individual, group and an organization. We established that our collective values for the JLS 2008 are respect, honesty, trust, friendship and responsibilities. 

We used a tree as a metaphor for an organization. We used the picture of a tree to visualize how an organization would get from its values and vision to its outcomes. We then linked this to WAGGGS.

We were asked to reflect on Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has achieved since it began, then we were shown a video advertising the events which WAGGGS will be celebrating for our Centenary from 2010-2012.

Our final afternoon session was facilitated by Rachael, the UK participant who is also part of Girlguiding UK. She challenged us to think about WAGGGS current image both for us and for those outside of WAGGGS. We then tried to visualize what the future of WAGGGS as a whole will be – with a focus on 2020 as a goal.

Our evening activity was a Swiss night, with traditional musicians, a quiz about Switzerland and some chocolate fondue.  

We leave you with our patrol motto for the seminar...

Strong, fuerte, stark, eegonoho, silny, matla! Olivares! (Strong in the languages spoken by our patrol members)

Olivares patrol

Jen (New Zealand), Mariana (Mexico), Isabel (Switzerland), Rosemary (Zimbabwe), Gita (Slovakia), Aletta Hamhola (Namibia), Monia (Tunesia), Tsepang (Lesotho), Linda (Zambia) and Sam (Australia)

Key Learnings

  • The importance of values in leadership:
    1. having a vision in order to have direction
    2. having a mission
    3. the reason the organization exists
  • That values can have a different meaning to people from different cultures – although there are also lots of similarities
  • You as a leader can not effectively work in an organization if you don’t share at least part of its values
  • It is essential for every organization to consider the future so they stay relevant to their mission and progressive in society
  • Chocolate fondue is delicious!

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito!

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michelle alvarez, philippines - 19 November 2008 - 6.53PM (GMT)

ohh! this day was really amazing. everyone's learning from each other. and the diversity makes the Juliette Low Seminar really colorful. the coming days will absolutely be greater!!! :)

Kim dajoneg from Korea - 19 November 2008 - 6.54PM (GMT)

It was really awsome night~!!
The performance was really cute, I really wanted to have time to think about the Swiss, and I could find the cluse of it.

Nadine - 22 April 2009 - 1.59PM (GMT)

It seemed that the girls really enjoyed themselves i remembered my 1st Juliette Low Seminar.i was glad i got the opportunity.I wish one day that some one from my island Dominica (Thats in the Caribbean gets that opportunity)Good job girls

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