Day 5

COP 16 -Australian delegatesOn the 2nd day of COP 16, Bronwyn and I met with the Australian Ambassador for climate change, Louise Hand. We wanted to speak with her about the key messages of WAGGGS; that there needs to be greater emphasis on girls and young women in the UNFCCC and our policy position on Article 6 for the mid-term review.

We met Ambassador Hand just outside where the negotiations take place in Moon Palace. It turns out that she had been a Brownie and a Guide when she was young and that she still holds the record in her group for gaining the bookworm badge the fastest!!

We explained what WAGGGS is about and our role at COP16. We then explained what our position was for the review of Article 6. Our policy position, which is unified position of youth at COP16, asks for increased emphasis and funding for climate change education and information dissemination. The rationale behind our position is that through critical mass of civil society we will get the ambitious policies we need to tackle climate change.

We then asked whether Australia would support our position on article 6 and to ensure that they are included in the final conclusions of the SBI mid-term review expected to be finalised by the end of this week. Ambassador Hand agreed on the spot to our position and immediately asked that our document be taken to the Australian Article 6 delegate for inclusion in the discussions that were taking place. It was an amazing feeling – we had just influenced our Country to agree with our policy position! Now we are looking forward to see what the decisions are to see if we made a difference!

Christine McRae, Australia


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Ally - 2 December 2010 - 11.19AM (GMT)

You go girls!! You are all doing an amazing job, but an important one too. Keep pressuring those governments to listen to the voice of 10 million girls and young women worldwide, and to create a fair ambitious and binding deal.

Keep up the great work, all of you!

Ally Hooper - Girl Guides Australia
WAGGGS COP15 delegate

Linden Edgell - 3 December 2010 - 5.45AM (GMT)

Dear all,
I've been tracking your comments daily and so excited by the real impact you are all making!
And as an Australian, its fantastic to see you building on the work done by our delegates last year.
Keep it going - well done

Linden Edgell
Deputy Chair, World Board

Luisa Simoenidis - 10 December 2010 - 2.58AM (GMT)

BRAVOOO Bronwyn and Christine.

What fantastic role models you are for young women all over the world.
You have presented yourselves so professionally and have empowered others along the way.
NSW & ACT are so very proud of you both and look forward to your return and in being able to share in your experiences and to generate more action!

Luisa Simeonidis
Deputy State Commissioner

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