AIDS conference delegates start their journey

AIDS 2010 Conference- Pop up displayDuring the conference, each WAGGGS delegate: Hayley Nicholls, Jenna Nicolls, Matilda Lomas (UK), Stephanie Erotocritou (Cyprus), Yvonne Bellys (Kenya), Riche Brown (Nigeria) and Madeleine Sundell (Sweden), brought their own experience and expertise of working on HIV and AIDS projects in their home countries

WAGGGS had a presence in the ‘Global Village’ section of the conference where we ran the ‘Young Women’s Networking Zone’ and assisted at the ‘Youth Pavilion’ and at the Austrian Scouts and Guides stand.

The delegates were kept busy with helping out in all of these places, attending sessions in the main conference and even running sessions of their own – including a session on peer education, and the Young Women’s Hour where topics included safer sex, violence against girls and living with HIV. You can read the daily updates that the participants sent during the event.

Now all delegates have created their own personal ‘action plan’ which details how they will continue with HIV and AIDS projects and how the AIDS conference has helped them with this.

Commitments include:

  • Organizing workshops with associations tackling issues raised at the conference
  • Advocating for improved access to, and understanding of, female condoms
  • Organizing a ‘Walk for Life’ on World AIDS day in Sweden
  • Participation in national conferences on HIV/AIDS
  • Establishing a national network of HIV/AIDS peer educators in the UK
  • Establishing links between organisations in the UK and organisations abroad to support HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Meeting young leaders on the national council in Kenya to brief them on the learnings from the conference
  • Advocating for further use of the WAGGGS HIV and AIDS toolkit

Advice to Member Organizations

The delegates also had some ideas for Member Organizations on how to include young women in the fight against HIV and AIDS:

  • Ensure that all girls and young women have a similar level of understanding with regards to sexual health and HIV as each other
  • Be inspired by WAGGGS material when developing your own, use tried and tested activities
  • Use peer education to deliver comprehensive sex education – non-formal education has a tremendous potential to deliver sex education
  • Go public with your knowledge, through sessions, marches, articles and blogging. Encourage young people to speak out! Don’t just deliver a training to them and then move on - empower them to have a voice
  • Empower young people with leadership skills and provide them with the skills to be speakers, media reps etc.
  • Encourage partnerships with other NGOs in the countries - run joint trainings, exchange trainers etc.

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