International AIDS conference 2010- Tuesday 20 July

People are eager to make things happen and the slogan of -"Rights here, right now" is being proclaimed in every corner. It's wonderful to see so many committed citizens of the world caring for each other.

AIDS 2010 Conference- WAGGGS side eventA session on today's agenda touched on the issue of who and what kind of leadership is needed for the right decision-making when it comes to universal access of treatment and care. The answer is simple. We do not only need a few great leaders. There's none to be held accountable for all of it. Neither at UNAIDS, The Global Fund or Governments. Institutions can sign conventions and make promises but in the very end it's up to human beings to act with personal responsibility and commitment. Needed is rather the very best of great leadership, locally empowered EVERYWHERE! We are all responsible for welcoming a new AIDS-FREE generation. But for that achievement we have to work as ONE! Prioritizing the need of others. What are you going to do to make it happen?

BillAIDS 2010 Conference- WAGGGS side event Clinton said it's too much resources being spent on too few people going to too many airplanes, going to too many meetings, writing too many reports.

Therefore I agree with him and recall on us -YOUNG WOMEN- to ACT upon issues of abuse of Human Rights and bringing Social Justice on the agenda and care for those children in our communities who need our support in being seen, respected and loved to get them the message that they are here to live a long life. These children do have a right to live.


AIDS 2010 Conference- Human rights march

AIDS 2010 Conference- Human rights march










Today's highlight was a rally, a march for an HIV/AIDS FREE COMMUNITY. We participated with banners of us fighting for that. I want to encourage all of us to make an activity on the World AIDS Day at the 1st of December. I have made a commitment to arrange an AIDS march in Sweden. Scouts and Guides dressed in red ponchos making awareness and raising the issues in justice. I challenge you to do the same. Imagine us taking the lead. We do have the spirit. Once again - BE PREPARED!

Madeleine Sundell

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