International AIDS conference 2010- Thursday 22 July

AIDS 2010 conference- Global VillageAnother exciting day at the International AIDS Conference for the WAGGGS delegation. The first highlight of the day was the commitments desk. The Commitments desk is a space where you can not only build effective youth-adult partnerships but also is a space where the adults can speak about their commitments so that they can be champions in the youth advocacy movement. Many people have told us their commitments. The only thing that is left now is just to make it happen!

Another highlight was the workshop held in the Youth Pavilion. The name of the workshop was: ’Best practices, exchange with IFM-SEI seminar participants’. In this workshop we had the chance to exchange our opinions, our ideas and of course our experience regarding the HIV/AIDS programmes with the seminar participants.

AIDS 2010 conference- Press conferenceThe next highlight is about the Young Women’s Hour which is organised in the Women’s Networking Zone. Each day is about a different topic and yesterday was about the violence against girls and women. Our speakers from International Federation of Medical Students Associations, IFMSA, gave a wonderful presentation and then we had a very interesting discussion about our experience and what the countries could do for reducing the violence.

One of the issues of a woman victim that I liked and I want to share with you was:

There is a common picture of a rape victim: you are supposed to act depressed all the time, be afraid of men and don’t be able to go out. I haven’t fitted into that picture. It has nothing to do with me not feeling depressed. In our society many people don’t have time to feel bad, they can’t afford feeling bad and it’s not socially acceptable to feel bad. People avoid persons who are depressed. So you just keep on going, but it feels worse and worse on the inside.


We will continue to carry on our work for girls and young women everywhere at the International AIDS Conference. To be continued....

Stephani Erotocritou

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