International AIDS conference 2010- Wednesday 21 July


AIDS 2010 conference - Morning session


The International AIDS Conference was very sleepy on Wednesday morning, after marching, chanting and partying hard at the Human Rights AIDS march through Vienna the night before.




AIDS 2010 conference - Morning session

The WAGGGS delegation woke up the Global Village bright and early with Matilda leading a ‘Respect Yourself!’ session to demonstrate activities perfect for boosting confidence and self-respect amongst girls and young women. We sang songs, played a few games and learned how HIV attacks the body – plus recruited a potential Wichtel – an Austrian Brownie!

The WAGGGS delegation continued to impress everyone with their presence at various seminars, demonstrations and at our Young Women’s Networking Zone.

AIDS 2010 Conference- Human rights march



We wound up the day with our Contraception Drop-in and Young Women’s Hour, talking with the ‘I Love Being a Girl’ campaign. It is a good sign that, when asked who our female role models were, Olave Baden-Powell was voted for frequently! We will continue to carry on her work for girls and young women everywhere at the International AIDS Conference again tomorrow…




Matilda Lomas

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