Day 5

Final Plenary and Awards

The final day of the 34th WAGGGS World Conference was quickly upon us all at Heriot-Watt University. One of the final sessions on Friday was presentations and WAGGGS’ awards.

First the Olave Award was presented. This is awarded to groups that have shown outstanding service to the community, whether it be in their own country or abroad. The projects nominated also had to address one or more of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). There were 11 certificates given out to acknowledge and celebrate some of the projects. A further nine projects were given the Olave Award.

Olave Awardees included Girl Scouts of the USA troop (Dakota Horizons, South West District, Troop 72603), who set up a safe space centre for girls from at-risk groups. Another Awardee was the Association des Scouts et Guides du Congo, which is running a healthcare and educational community project for girls from poor areas, those living with HIV and parents of vulnerable children. For a full list of Awardees, see below.

Next the presentations moved onto the Centenary Awards. These awards are given to recognise support and help given to international Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. One Centenary Award was given to Eduardo Martinez, and the second to HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark. Both made very moving speeches about how WAGGGS helps young women and empowers them to make a difference in the world.

WAGGGS medals were then rewarded. These were given to a few select people. Every individual who was receiving the medal had made a large contribution to WAGGGS in terms of time, effort and dedication. Each of the recipients had no idea they were going to receive an award which made it even more special seeing their shocked and surprised faces.

The final plenary session with the giving of the awards was very moving. A lot of achievements and dedications were recognised and it was fantastic to see the support each and every individual was given by the plenary.

Olave Award recipients


Association des Scouts et Guides du Congo
Troop: Unite Kisenso

Girl Guides of Canada- Guides du Canada
Troop: 1st Olds Girl Guides

Girl Guides Australia
Troop: Eltham Echidna Ranger Guides

Girl Scouts of Japan
Troop: Peace Messenger, Osaka Council

Guías de México, A.C.
Troop: Distrito Centro y Distrito Alebarán (these were the troops that organized- there were 2 others that participated)

Girl Scouts of the Philippines
Troop: Junio ‘Gumamela’ Troop No. 494 of South Cotabato Girl Scout Council

Girl Scouts of the USA
Troop: Girl Scouts- Dakota Horizons, Southwest District, Troop 72603

Girlguiding UK
Troop: 3rd Nunthorpe Guides

La Féderation Libanaise des Eclaireuses et des Guides
Troop: Jeunes en Marche


Lesotho Girl Guides Association
Troop: The Solar Cooker Trainers

The Nigerian Girl Guides Association
Troop: Rivers State Branch

Scouts Tunisiens
Troop: Alyssa Junior Guides Troup

Association Nationale des Guides de Guinée
Troop: Le Comité Jeune

Girl Guide Association of Saint Lucia
Troop: Third Ciceron Guide Company

Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of Thailand
Troop: Development of Youth Efficiency to Strengthen the Community

Girl Guides of Canada- Guides du Canada
Troop: 1st Pitt Meadow Rangers, Lougheed Area, BC Council

Kuwait Girl Guides Association
Troop: Let’s Talk Charity Language Group

Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Malaysia
Troop: Fazilah Binti Muda (Pahang Branch)

Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Malaysia
Troop: District of Kuala Lipis (Pahang Branch)

Persatuan Pandu Puteri, Malaysia
Troop: Special Girl Guides of Bukit Harapin

Your comments

Lilia Semochkina - 9 August 2011 - 9.45AM (GMT)

Thank you Liza for information about conference and your impressions. Also thanks for your presented Association of Belarusian Guides in the World Conference. We are proud of you!

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