Day 2

Future directions

Today the theme of the plenary session was ‘Future Directions’. First off, there was a talk about the joint efforts of both WAGGGS and WOSM (World Association of the Scout Movement), and how running events together helps us share the same messages and values and show unity.

Next we returned to Vision 2020 and what WAGGGS and the Movement want to achieve in the future. The V2020 consultation showed that girls and young women want to be global citizens, experience things beyond their local boundaries and be able to change the world. Therefore it was said that we need to make sure girls and young women are given opportunities to grow, and that we empower them to become agents of change.

We then moved on to the proposed plan to have a 5th World Centre in Africa. There was a very moving speech which showed the Africa Region’s passion and excitement about the proposal, and also the opportunities that it will bring to the Region. 

World Board candidates under the spotlight in the Intergenerational Zone

Today at lunchtime, the young women running the International Zone held a Q and A session with the World Board candidates. The Zone was packed with delegates eager to hear what the candidates had to say.

The young women quizzed the candidates about various topics such as empowering the youth voice and helping young women access leadership roles.

The candidates also put questions to the young women, including: “what characteristics would you like to see in a World Board member?” Answers were: passion, commitment to the Movement, new ideas and support for young leaders. One young woman said, “I am looking for someone who loves the Movement as much as I do.”

The young women then presented the candidates with the Intergenerational Zone key messages round young women and decision-making and facilitating learning between different generations.


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